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October "Happenings"

Welcome Fall! Rain has been the order of the day here in Ringgold. Thankfully we have not had any damage, but so many people around us have suffered property damage and even loss of life. Our hearts go out to all of those who have been adversely touched by the floods.

October is a very busy month for us. We begin the month with an antique show which takes us out of town for a few days. The store will be closed next week --- Sept 30 - Oct 2 while we are away. We plan to re-open on Wed Oct 7, but our "Miss Butterbean's" plans will dictate our lives for the next several weeks.

Butterbean is due to arrive on October 19 which is her Daddy's birthday. Of course babies have a way of arriving when they want to, not especially when the doctor says they will or when everyone else thinks it is convenient for them to come.

For the next few weeks I will be at Butterbean's bidding. I plan to go to South Carolina to be with our daughter when the baby comes, and I will stay as long as Paula needs me afterward. So the shop will be open when I am here, and it will be closed when I am out of town. Since I don't know exactly the schedule of events, I will be posting my whereabouts on e-mail and my blog. If you plan to vist the shop please check your e-mail or call before you make a trip. The store number is 706-965-7290 and my cell number is 423-596-0987.

I know that a store should always be open during regular hours, but since I am a "one woman show" I have no choice but to close when I cannot be here. I do thank you so much for your understanding, and I know that all of you who are my loyal customers and friends will understand.

I covet your prayers for Paula during this time. God has been so good to her - she has not had any serious problems and has thoroughly enjoyed the pregnancy. We are so thankful for this blessed answer to prayer, and we cannot wait to hold this little miracle in our arms. "Groovy Gran" needs your prayers, too. Susan - our caterer daughter - says that Paula and I are going to be 2 old women trying to take care of a new baby. She's pretty blunt, but there is a lot of truth to that. It's been a long time since I have cared for a newborn!

Thanks to each one of you - my customers and my friends!!!